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Project Description

Column Bracing-Havit Steel
Column Bracing-Havit Steel
Column Bracing-Havit Steel

Column Bracing is the secondary structure of the steel building , the materials used Q235B Rod Steel or L angle steel .

  1. Column Bracing bearing and transmitting horizontal forces (longitudinal braking force of crane , wind load, earthquake etcs ), improving the overall rigidity of the structure, ensuring the overall stability of the structure, reducing the out-plane stability stress of the steel column, ensuring the stability of the structure when  installation .
  2. As for Steel Workshop Building , Bracing arranged in column space ,The distance between the Bracing of light steel workshops without cranes is not more than 45 meters, the distance of bracing for steel workshop building .
  3. The type of Bracing according the Steel Workshop Building , Light Steel Workshop without crane could used cross rod bracing ,the angle of bracing between 30 – 60 degree . Ridge bracing should be adopted for the workshop with crane ,cross type L angle steel .

Column Bracing are arranged between the adjacent two columns to ensure the overall stability of the building structure, increase the lateral stiffness and transfer the longitudinal horizontal force . Bracing connected with the column of workshop building .

  1. Form a stable longitudinal structure to ensure the longitudinal rigidity of the steel structure workshop
  2. Bearing the longitudinal forces of the steel structure workshop, the wind load from the end gable, and the vertical braking force of the crane must be transmitted to the foundation through the inter-column bracing .
  3. Out-plane of the steel frame, provide a reliable support point for the column of workshop , and reduce the calculated length of the steel column out-plane  of the steel frame.

Column Bracing-Havit Steel