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Project Description

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel the core materials used rock wool , the building materials with advantage of fire-proof , thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation , which wide used as wall and roof panel for Steel Warehouse , Workshop Building , Prefabricated Steel house , Partition wall of Building .

  1. Fire-proof performance:core material use rock wool  so  it has a good fire-proof performance,tests have shown that it has a fire resistance of more than 1000°C. 1) 50mm thick rock wool sandwich panel RE130 ; 75mm thick rock wool sandwich panel REL60 ;100mm thick rock wool sandwich panel REL 120
  2. Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation performance of the rock wool  is based on the thermal conductivity  = 0.043W/m2K .
  3. Sound absorption :Rock wool sandwich panels have a significant reduction effect on noise transmission . In addition, after adopting the rock wool roofing panels, rain and hail impacted the roof plate of the steel building and caused indoor sound, which was also significantly reduced. Through tests, according to ISO 717/82 and UNI 8270/7 standards, sandwich panels with a density of 120 kg/m3  rock wool as the core material are used, and the sound insulation effect can reach RW=29-30 dB.
  4. Stiffness is good: Because the rock wool core material and double layer steel sheet are Stick together into a whole  and work together, the top surface of the roof sheet is wave-pressed, and its overall rigidity is much better than that of the corrugated single color sheet with rock wool roller .After the sandwich panel is fixed with the self-tapping nail on purlin , the overall rigidity of  roof is greatly improved, and the overall working performance of the roof is enhanced. Select rock wool sandwich panels, you can use a larger pitch, it can save the amount of purlin 1/3 ~ 2/3.
  5. Installation time is short: It doesn’t require secondary processing on site, and can maintain the surrounding environment clean, does not affect the normal operation of other processes, and can greatly shorten the  installation time,the average daily installation area is 600~800m2.

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