Tie Beam

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Project Description

Tie Beam-Havit Steel
Tie Beam Steel Structure
Tie Beams

Tie Beam is secondary structure in workshop building  which connected with column and beam according design height  and column distance on the node of roof horizontal bracing , column bracing .

Steel Structure Strut Tube fabricated by Q235B Steel Pipe , both side welded with end plate bolt connected with column and beam .

  1. Double side of Tie Bar welded with end plate , bolt connected with steel frame ,Tie Bar is  used to carry horizontal loads and to maintain the stability of the longitudinal steel frame .
  2. Tie Beam used for  transmit axial force (such as wind load or vertical braking force of crane), and  combine with roof  horizontal bracing , column cross bracing or longitudinal rigid frame-column support to form a stable longitudinal support.

Tie Beam-Havit Steel