Corrugated Color Steel Sheet, also known as color coated steel sheet , refers to color coated steel sheet. Color coated steel sheet is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. The development of China’s color steel industry has been very fast in recent years. At present, there is no uniform standard for the quality of color steel in the region of Asia.
The predecessor of the steel plate is: hot galvanized steel plate, hot plated aluminum zinc plate, or aluminum plate and cold rolled plate. The above steel plate is the base plate of color steel plate, that is to say, no paint plate, the above steel plate have its own advantages .

Corrugated Color Steel Sheet
1) hot-dip galvanized steel plate: this substrate has outstanding impact function, outstanding extension rate and yield value. This type of colored steel plate is well appraised in construction, decoration, and other industries.
2) hot-dip galvanized Al-Zn-Coated steel plate: The process of this substrate is similar to that of the hot galvanized steel plate. The distinction is that the zinc content in the appearance is not the same, the appearance of the zinc is very distinct, and the other aspects have no difference, the weather ability and the life are better than the galvanized steel plate.
3) Aluminum plate: the best advantage of the aluminum plate is to use in the special industry, because its own price is very high in order to be the only cost is also not a small expense, to be the only special industry choice: refrigeration, heat preservation, antivirus, germicidal and so on. Impact function: excellent, can be tangible, intangible impact, bending.
4) cold rolled sheet: cold rolled sheet is not annealed steel plate, also is galvanized steel plate, aluminum zinc steel plate predecessor. The steel plate has low impact strength, high hardness, low yield and elongation, excellent welding function.
Corrugated Color Steel Sheet is mainly used in modern architecture, itself has considerable performance, at the same time, beautiful, corrosion resistance, flame retardant and some additional performance.The biggest usage is to: 1.Building interior wall partition and ceiling (including electronic, medical, laboratory and other clean workshop), polyurethane (pu) foam thermal insulation in the middle of the color steel plate;2.Building doors and Windows;3.Building roof and tile, and so on. Many factories are now especially the standard factory building, with the exception of walls and the middle column, internal can be arbitrary segmentation, decorate, so using color steel plate is easy to implement, temporary can be applied, such as workshop and temporary barrack.