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The main factors affecting the cost of steel structure workshop

The steel structure workshop mainly refers to the factory building where the load-bearing members are steel structures. Due to the increase in steel production in China, steel structures have begun to use in many places. Steel buildings have short construction periods and low investment costs. So they are prevalent in the construction industry. However, due to the span of the […]

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Steel Structure Welding

Steel structure welding detail as following :

1. Welding method

Common Steel Structure welding methods are arc welding, including manual arc welding, automatic or semi-automatic arc welding, and gas shielded welding.

Manual arc welding is the most commonly used steel structure welding method, and its equipment is flexible and straightforward. However, the labor conditions are poor, the production efficiency is lower than the […]

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The Base material of steel building structure

The Base material of steel building structure

The Base materials of steel building structure, which use for water-proof of metal building kits, it filled on the metal roof.

1. The waterproof material selected for the roofing project shall conform to the following requirements. The drawings shall indicate the type, model, and specification of the waterproof material. And its superior physical properties shall […]

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This is how the steel frame structure of the 25-meter deep foundation pit was born

The Jifu building consists of four floors of basement, five floors of podium building and 14 floors of tower above ground. The total floor area is 59559.3 square meters, 30625.49 square meters on the ground and 28933.81 square meters under the ground. The main building and skirt room are made of steel frame structure, while the basement is […]

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How to deal with steel structure roofing waterproof details

How to deal with steel structure roofing waterproof details ? This is an issue for many people. The steel structure buildings have been widely used in the construction industry. The steel structure roofing waterproof work cannot be careless, details are important, then let’s learn the details.
Precautions for the waterproof construction of metal roofing :
1. The construction of a

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Roof steel structure basically completed Qingdao international airport

The reporter learns from Qingdao airport, the roof steel structure of Qingdao new airport terminal is finished basically, will close soon. This marks a large area of decoration and decoration Roof Steel Structure project is about to be launched comprehensively, laying a solid foundation for the “preliminary acceptance” of the terminal at the end of the year.

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Steel structure works promote China’s waterborne coatings market

China is actively promoting industrialization and modernization construction to develop the industrialization road. New building industrialization can realize building energy conservation, environmental protection and the sustainable development of the whole life cycle value. Steel structure works are  typical green building, the material could be recycle, has good seismic performance and sustainable development. Recycle concept displayed in steel structure building […]

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Steel structure is the best way to solve high energy consumption industrial buildings

In the 21st century, the steel structure industry has been developing rapidly and shows great vitality. Steel structures are widely used in  industrial buildings because of their unique anti-seismic capability, fast construction speed, economic and practical advantages, which meet the requirements of green environmental protection. With the rapid increase of the permanent resident population and the foreign population, it is […]

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How to improve the installation quality of the steel structure Factory

The installation quality of the steel structure factory is not only the concern of the clients, but also the concern of the builders, because it is not only about the credibility but also about the safety of the structure. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional steel structure engineering company for the steel structure construction, which can provide quality […]

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