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The housing features of the new prefabricated Steel building

Steel structure prefabricated steel building materials is environmental protection, can be recycled, are almost always can be recycled, almost do not need to use sand, brick, lime and so on material. The prefabricated steel building and the concrete building price also have the very big difference. in order to save cost, care for nature, low carbon environmental protection, then we […]

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Comprehensive understanding of eight basic knowledge of Metal Structure

Eight basic knowledge of Metal Structure

1.  The characteristics of Metal Structure
(1)Metal Structure self weight is light
(2)The working reliability of the metal structure is higher
(3)Anti-seismic and anti- shock of metal structure is good
(4)Metal Structure manufacturing is highly industrialized
(5)Fast installation
(6)Easy to do seal structure
(7)Metal Structures are prone to corrosion
(8)Poor fire resistance

2. Commonly used Metal Structure materials grades and performance
(1)Carbon structural steel:Q195、Q215、Q235、Q255、Q275 ect.
(2)High […]

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Common sense and solution of waterproof steel structure Roof

Waterproof steel structure roof is a difficult problem in factory building. Color steel roof of steel structure is seriously leaking due to installation and construction, roof elastic deformation and roof vibration. Steel structure roofing waterproof project management as a system engineering, in the system design, material, construction, management, maintenance and other problems in any link, will affect the quality […]

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The general development of the global steel structure processing industry

In recent years, steel structure residential buildings are being developed all over the country. The research and application of green and energy-saving building system of steel structure has gradually become a national key research topic. From the perspective of developed countries, steel structure building has become the mainstream. Among them, the high-rise steel structure has a history of 110 […]

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Prefabricated Building will be overwhelming

Prefabricated Building will be overwhelming

Retrospect the year of 2017, a lot of “big days” need attention, a much-anticipated of the 19th CPC National Congress. China held the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation also is closely related to the construction industry development. This year, the main tone of reform, transformation and development of China’s construction industry will not change, […]

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Base Plate types of Corrugated Color Steel Sheet

Corrugated Color Steel Sheet, also known as color coated steel sheet , refers to color coated steel sheet. Color coated steel sheet is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. The development of China’s color steel industry has been very fast in recent years. At present, there is no uniform standard for the quality of color steel in the […]

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The tallest steel building in ZhuHai was successfully capped

The tallest steel building in zhuhai was successfully capped!
On May 23,2018, Zhuhai Hengqin top international financial center building main body structure is capped, total height of 333 meters to be Zhuhai’s tallest steel building.

The Tallest steel building refresh the Zhuhai “height”
Project is located in zhuhai hengqin new area financial island, a total construction area of 218000 square meters, 68 layers […]

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Advantages of Steel Structure buildings

Ten Advantages of Steel Structure buildings:
1.Anti- Seismic Property: the lower villa roof are mostly slope roof, so roof structure basically is made of cold bending steel components to be triangular roof truss system. After sealing the structural plate and plasterboard, light steel components formed a very strong “rib plate structure system”, this kind of structure system have stronger Anti- Seismic […]

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Steel Structure Industry Could Make a Difference

“The Eleventh-Five year Plan’is the key stage to realize the comprehensive construction well-off society, during this period steel structure market, opportunities and development space are very broad, steel structure industry can completely could make a difference.” China steel structure association Mr. Yue said.

Work Together to Create Brilliant
At present, the production and installation technology of steel construction industry has reached the […]

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