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Steel Structure Working Platform


The Steel Structure Working Platform is used more and more widely in industrial production, and its structure forms are more and more, and its functions are more and more complete. The research on the steel platform structure design is significant.

Steel Structure Working Platform

Steel Structure Working Platform2023-08-25T16:30:07+08:00
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Steel Structure Construction In Rain Season


Steel structure construction is not affected by the season. Even in the rainy season, it can be constructed. Simultaneously, construction in the rainy season will cause a lot of inconvenience to us, so what must be paid attention to constructing steel structures in the rainy season?

Steel Structure Construction In Rain Season2020-11-27T09:03:36+08:00
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How to Improve The Accuracy of Steel Workshop Building Installation?


In recent years, the construction industry’s steel structure workshop application has become more and more popular because of its lightweight, fast construction speed, environmental protection, and energy-saving. However, the safety of a steel structure workshop building is also a common concern. How to further improve the accuracy of steel workshop […]

How to Improve The Accuracy of Steel Workshop Building Installation?2020-11-21T17:03:04+08:00
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Steel Structure Airport Building


I have to admit that China is now one of the most developed countries in the world. China’s high-speed rail and highways have developed rapidly, and they have ranked among the top in the world. With the development of the economy and cities, constructing the steel structure airport building in […]

Steel Structure Airport Building2020-11-09T11:34:01+08:00
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How can we reduce the steel structure building price


Although it is simple to build a steel structure building, it is not easy to build a steel structure building of your choice and cost-effective. If you are only looking for cheap, the trouble of repairs caused to you in the later period may annoy you. Blindly pursuing high quality […]

How can we reduce the steel structure building price2020-11-04T10:56:46+08:00
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The Design of Steel Structure Building


Steel structure occupies a significant position in construction projects, and its stability and strength are directly related to the overall quality of the construction project. Therefore, in building projects, it is necessary to optimize the design of steel structure building continuously. To improve the stability and quality of steel structures.

Design […]

The Design of Steel Structure Building2020-10-18T18:07:47+08:00
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Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop Building


The prefabricated steel structure workshop characteristics are that the construction time is short and has the advantages of good seismic performance and strong bearing capacity. Therefore, steel structures are widely used in the construction of steel workshop building. However, steel structures also have poor fire resistance and susceptibility to corrosion […]

Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop Building2020-10-16T13:04:28+08:00
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The main factors affecting the cost of steel structure workshop


The steel structure workshop mainly refers to the factory building where the load-bearing members are steel structures. Due to the increase in steel production in China, steel structures have begun to use in many places. Steel buildings have short construction periods and low investment costs. So they are prevalent in […]

The main factors affecting the cost of steel structure workshop2020-08-08T08:28:21+08:00
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Steel Structure Welding


Steel structure welding detail as following :

1. Welding method

Common Steel Structure welding methods are arc welding, including manual arc welding, automatic or semi-automatic arc welding, and gas shielded welding.

Manual arc welding is the most commonly used steel structure welding method, and its equipment is flexible and straightforward. However, the labor […]

Steel Structure Welding2020-08-08T09:04:33+08:00
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The Base material of steel building structure


The Base material of steel building structure

The Base materials of steel building structure, which use for water-proof of metal building kits, it filled on the metal roof.

1. The waterproof material selected for the roofing project shall conform to the following requirements. The drawings shall indicate the type, model, and specification […]

The Base material of steel building structure2020-08-08T09:39:50+08:00

Havit Steel Structure

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