The steel structure workshop mainly refers to the factory building where the load-bearing members are steel structures. Due to the increase in steel production in China, steel structures have begun to use in many places. Steel buildings have short construction periods and low investment costs. So they are prevalent in the construction industry. However, due to the span of the workshop, the design plan, technical requirements, and the different regions, the cost of steel structure workshop is also different. So what are the factors that affect the cost of steel structure workshop?

Cost of Steel Structure Workshop

Three main factors are affecting the cost of steel structure workshop.

1. Raw Material

Steel and sheet are the main components of the workshop, accounting for about 70%-80% of the total cost of the building. The fluctuation of the market price of steel structure raw materials directly affects the value of the building. The different section sizes, steel grade, thickness of the wall, and roof will cause the difference in price. So the raw materials are the main factor that affected the cost of steel workshop building.

2. Design Factor affected the cost of Steel Structure Workshop

Design factor: Reasonable design can save raw materials and affect the cost of the steel structure workshop. Different design plans are an essential factor for influencing the quantity of steel, directly affecting the total cost.

The foundation cost is closely related to the geology of the building. The construction period of the foundation accounts for about 25% of the total construction period. The foundation construction cost is 15% of the total cost of the metal building. When designing, we should pay attention to the geological report of the location of the building, choose a reasonable primary type, and control the base surface and depth of the foundation to play a decisive role in the total cost.

3. Construction factor

The construction time is also part of the cost. The proficiency of the installation technology is the primary factory for the construction period. The construction of the steel structure workshop is a systematic project involving a wide range of factors and many influencing factors. The construction period, policy changes, and large amounts of engineering can all affect the cost of the workshop. Have an efficient and skilled installation team can save the owner a lot of time and expense!