Steel structure prefabricated steel building materials is environmental protection, can be recycled, are almost always can be recycled, almost do not need to use sand, brick, lime and so on material. The prefabricated steel building and the concrete building price also have the very big difference. in order to save cost, care for nature, low carbon environmental protection, then we will choose prefabricated steel building to be our new home. Do not think that prefabricated Steel building life is no longer than concrete buildings. With a number of foreign experts in living experience and relevant experiment, prefabricated residential life is also very big, is also our first choice of housing.

Prefabricated house is a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection house. It uses a standardized production processes and methods, by making wall body and related parts in advance, then transport to the scene and assemble at site. Compared with ordinary concrete buildings, the production of house parts on the production line in advance ensures that the houses are installed with low pollution, noise and energy saving. The advantages are that it can achieve warm in winter, cool in summer, fireproof and shock-proof, with good lighting and ventilation effect and long service life. Ultra-light steel structure prefabricated residential is with thin walls, large space and high utilization rate, every 100 square meters of ultra-light steel housing can be 10 to 15 square meters of usable area more than traditional housing.

Residential areas are also likely to develop in the direction to light steel structures. As long as waterproof, fireproof, soundproof technology can be applied freely, the prospect is quite promising. Now there are bitumen tiles and bitumen rolls on the waterproofing. Fireproofing aspect can stick fireproofing gypsum board, but at present, the effect is not particularly obvious. Glass wool is used on the sound insulation, but also can effectively prevent through the air transmission of the audio part. Due to the structure of the steel is expected to produce in the factory, the structure of the light steel housing villas precision is quite high. The structure of one villa on a house system is composed of tens of thousands of components while each component of the average error of less than 2 mm, which ensures the quality of housing, a traditional way of building cannot be achieved.