The installation quality of the steel structure factory is not only the concern of the clients, but also the concern of the builders, because it is not only about the credibility but also about the safety of the structure. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional steel structure engineering company for the steel structure construction, which can provide quality guarantee for the construction of steel structure buildings and improve the production precision.
There are various types of factory buildings, which can be divided into multi-level steel structure factory , single-level steel structure factory , light steel structure factory, brick and concrete structure workshop, etc. Different quality treatment according to different requirements of different buildings can ensure the quality of buildings. In order to improve the installation precision of the steel structure in the workshop, high attention must be paid to the production, transportation, installation and other major links, so as to guarantee the installation quality of the structure.

The production of steel members should be with accurate size, to put a certain amount of shrinkage, the thickness of the steel, the quality requirements, the screw hole position and other requirements must do correctly. Then it can be shipped to the construction site for installation. The installation process shall be carried out in the corresponding order. The parts with inter-column support, tie rods and roof support in the workshop shall be installed first. After this part of the steel column hoisting, should first retest the axis of the steel column. After rectifying, use hawser to fix the steel column, then install the column support, roof beam and tie bar of the beam, this is the so-called rough installation. The roof beam should be assembled on the ground before installation, and then hoisted after passing testing. When the beam is in place, it shall be connected with high strength bolts, and other parts shall be fixed with corresponding bolts, but all kinds of bolts shall not be tightened. After each component is fixed, the axis and elevation of steel column are re-measured and corrected, i.e., fine tuning.
The bolt connection must be tightened. The steel structure factory building installation and welding should form independent structure as soon as possible. The stability of the structure can spread the cumulative error to various parts when install the entire factory, also can avoid steel structure deformation and falling off due to natural conditions. The installation connection of each part shall be made according to the actual functional requirements. Only by following the design drawings and construction drawings can the installation quality of the steel structure workshop be guaranteed.