The Base material of steel building structure

The Base materials of steel building structure, which use for water-proof of metal building kits, it filled on the metal roof.

1. The waterproof material selected for the roofing project shall conform to the following requirements. The drawings shall indicate the type, model, and specification of the waterproof material. And its superior physical properties shall conform to the provisions of this specification for the quality indexes of the material.

base materials of steel building structure

2. When choosing roof waterproofing materials, coatings, and joint sealing materials, the relevant contents of the design points in chapter 5, chapter 6, and section 8 of this specification shall be selected.

3. The material should use by compatibility: waterproof material (coil, coating, similarly from now on) and primary treatment agent, waterproof materials and adhesives, waterproof materials and sealing materials, Waterproofing materials and protective coating, two kinds of compound use waterproof material, first-line treatment, and sealing materials.

4. Choose waterproof material according to the property of the building and the function of the roof. It should meet the following requirements except for the exposed ceiling.

Choose waterproof material with strong adhesion and UV resistance, thermal aging retention rate, acid rain resistance, and excellent puncture performance.

steel building roof material

The type of roof waterproof material

The roof should make of waterproof material with excellent puncture resistance, mildew resistance, and tensile strength. Water storage roof and planting roof should make of waterproof material with excellent resistance to corrosion, mildew, and puncture.

Thin shell, prefabricated steel structure, steel building structure, and other long-span building roofs. It should select lightweight and heat resistance, excellent deformation adaptation waterproof material.

The inverted roof should choose to adapt to the deformation of a reasonable joint sealing guarantee rate of high waterproof material. The sloping roof selected from the base of strong adhesion, small temperature sensitivity waterproof material.

Roof joint sealing waterproofing selected with the base of strong adhesion, low-temperature resistance, and specific capacity to adapt to the displacement of sealing elements.

5. The roof selected low water absorption, small density and thermal conductivity, and specific strength of insulation materials. The moisture content of the final insulation layer determined by calculation according to the relative moisture content. And corresponding to the local annual average relative humidity and the mass water absorption rate of the material. Roofing projects commonly used waterproof, heat insulation materials.