Project Description

Crane Beam-Havit Steel Structure
Crane Beam

Detail Information of Crane Beam

  1. Crane Beam install on column used for support the over head crane , top of crane girder with rail for crane running , the beam similar as steel beam only different web plate welded with stiffening plate .
  2. Crane Girder should be able to bear the loads that  generated by crane during used , Vertical loads generate bending moments and shear forces in the vertical direction of the beam ,Horizontal loads generate horizontal moments and shear forces at the upper flange plane of the  beam .
  3. The  cross-section of crane girders can be used as crane girders with I-beams, H-beams, Welded H Beam , Box section Beam and Truss .

The movement of the crane on the crane beam generate dynamic loads in three directions: vertical load, lateral horizontal load and horizontal load along the longitudinal direction of the crane beam .

  1. Longitudinal horizontal load refers to the braking force of the crane, which is transmitted from the crane beam to the column support along the trail direction, and is not considered when calculating the cross section of the  beam.
  2. The vertical load standard value of the  beam shall be the maximum wheel pressure or the minimum wheel pressure of the crane .
  3. Crane move along the rail, lifting, unloading and turning of the cargo will cause the  beam to vibrate. Especially when the crane crosses the gap at the track joint, it will also hit. Therefore, when calculating the crane beam and its connection strength, the vertical load of the crane should be multiplied by the dynamic coefficient .

Crane Beam-Havit Steel Structure