Project Description

EPS Sandwich Panel
EPS Sandwich Panel
EPS Sandwich Panel

EPS Sandwich Panel double side used color coated corrugated single color sheet inside is foam which widely used as wall and roof panel for  industrial steel building , steel warehouse , workshop ,prefabricated steel house .

The advantage as below :

  1. Sandwich panel is beautiful in appearance, bright in color, and has good overall effect and integrates load-bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention, and waterproof .
  2. Sandwich Panel does not require secondary decoration. It is a versatile application, especially for temporary facilities such as offices and prefab house on construction sites.
  3. quickly installation  and removable materials, and have a significant advantage in reducing the temporary facilities costs of construction sites.

Technical performance of EPS sandwich panel:

  1. Corrugated single color sheet thickness 0.3mm~0.6mm
  2. Foam material thickness: 50mm ~ 100mm
  3. Effective height: 950mm, 1000mm, 1150mm, 1200mm
  4. Scope of application: workshops, office walls, steel structure walls, workers temporary dormitories, supermarkets, cold storage, activity board room, building addition, purification plant ,Maintenance, decorative building materials, mobile office buildings, etc.
  5. Fire rating: B3 (flame retardant: molten)
  6. Moisture absorption rate: 3.9 (%)

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