Project Description

Factory Steel Building

Factory Steel Building is a metal structure that fabricated by steel for the interior support and exterior cladding , the interior bearing support is portal frame structure , steel column , roof beam , bracing and cladding formed enclosed building system , steel buildings are used for a variety of purposes including Warehouse ,Workshop ,Aircraft Hangar and Garage Building .

Metal Structure finished cutting,welding,drilling and painted prior to shipment to construction site are commonly referenced as prefabricated
,the steel building without second welding on site just fixed the bolt simple enough to be Constructed by anyone . There are five main types of structural components that make up a steel frame – tension members, compression members, bending members, combined force members and their connections.

Wall and Roof Panel
Roof panels are usually a single continuous length from eave to ridge line for portal frame style buildings
Wall panels are usually a single continuous length from the base wall girt to the eave of the building
the type of panel usually corrugated single color metal sheet , the thickness is 0.5mm or 0.6mm

Steel materials provides several advantages over other building materials, such as wood:

  • Prefabricated steel structure manufactured to strict specifications and tolerances.
  • All the material is 100% recyclable.
  • Steel structure does not easily warp, buckle, twist or bend, and easy to modify and design flexibility.
  • Factory Steel Building is quickly and easy to install.
  • Steel structure allows for improved quality of construction and less maintenance, while offering improved safety and resistance.

Technical parameters

1)Column and Roof Beam : Q345B welded H section Beam
2)Crane Beam : Q345B welded H section Beam with vertical stiffening rib
3)Roof Horizontal Bracing : Q235B Steel Rod
4)Column X Cross Bracing : Q235B L angle steel or steel rod
5)Roof Purlin :Q235B Galvanized Z section steel
6)Wall Girt :Q235B Galvanized C section steel
7)Sag rod :Q235B Galvanized steel rod
8)Roof Cladding :0.5mm corrugated single color sheet with glass wool insulation
9)Wall Cladding :0.5mm horizontal corrugated single color steel sheet

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