Project Description

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel
Glass Wool Sandwich Panel
Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel is made of non-flammable glass wool as the core material, double side with corrugated single color metal sheet , through the  adhesive, the metal sheet and core materials  form an interactive composite into a high-quality energy-saving building materials .

  1. Good Fire-proof performance :Glass wool insulation materials with good fire proof performance .
  2. Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation of  glass wool is based on thermal conductivity ,which is equal to or less than 0.043 W/m2 according to ISO717/82 and UNI 8270/7 standards, the sandwich panel with a density of 120kg/m3 glass wool as the core material  the sound insulation effect can reach RW=29~30 dB .
  3. Sound-absorbing building material :Glass wool sandwich panel also has  sound absorption , and it can absorb sound in a wide frequency range. According to the ISO 354/85 standard, the sound absorption performance of the glass wool sandwich panel achieves DELTA LA=15.7 dB(A).

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel widely used in Steel Workshop, Power Plant,  Auto Showroom, Steel Warehouse, Steel Structure Office Building, Airport terminal, train station, stadium, large supermarket, logistics center and other steel building projects .

Technical Specification :

  1. Corrugated color coated metal sheet
    Upper plate: 0.4mm-0.6mm Lower plate: 0.3mm-0.5mm
  2. Glass wool density: not less than 1kg/m3 .
  3.  Common composite board thickness : 50mm, 75mm, 100mm,  150mm, etc.
  4. The effective width of the composite board : 1000mm

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