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Insulation for Metal Building
Insulation steel building

Insulation for metal buildings mainly used as glass wool with aluminum foil or PVC coer  ,the thikcness is from 50mm to 200mm ,the cover of insulation materials are fire-proof ,Steel structure building insulation materials with the advantages : fire prevention, sound absorption . In the construction can also be arbitrarily cut according to needs, aluminum foil veneer are moisture-proof .

Glass Wool insulation consisting of intertwined and flexible glass fibers, the insulation materials could maintain  a comfortable interior temperature in winter and summer ,metal building insulation also creat a barrier throughout the roof and walls could prevents condensation.

Roof insulation materials put above the roof purlin and there is wire mesh to support the insulation materials avoid leaking ,wall insulation not required the wire mesh just fixed on outside of wall girt , steel building with wall insulation will need exterior and interior wall panel .

Insulation materials could compress in roll type which could save much space than the glass wool sandwich panel , using same materials with glass wool sandwich panel but lower transport and shipping cost , glass wool insulation easily installation on site , just put above purlin and fixed by self-tapping nail with corrugated single color sheet , fast installation .

Technical Parameters of Insulation for metal buildings :
1.Density: 10 kg / m3- 40 kg / m3
2.Thickness: 5 cm – 20 cm
3.Single width: 1.15-1.25 meters
4.Length: 3m-30m
5.Physical properties of glass wool:                                                              1)Thermal conductivity is not more than 0.042W / (m.k)
2)Combustion performance is Class A, non-combustible
3)Glass wool has a bulk density of 10-48kg/m3

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