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Logistics Warehouse Building
Logistics warehouse building
Logistics warehouse

The Steel Logistics Warehouse Building is used for the storage and turnover of goods. The main load-bearing structure is steel components, and the wall and roof are made of profiled color steel plates. All steel structure components are processed in the workshop and then transported to the construction site for assembly. With the development of e-commerce, more and more companies are considering building logistics warehouses to circulate goods.

Steel Logistics Warehouse Building:

The steel structure is the first choice for the construction of logistics warehouses. The steel structure logistics warehouse components are processed in the workshop, and each component is connected by welding or high-strength bolts on the construction site. The steel component does not require secondary processing, and the construction is relatively simple. Workers can complete the construction through installation drawings, saving labor costs, and the construction speed is fast, the logistics warehouse can be used in advance, reducing investment costs.

The cost of a prefab steel warehouse is usually lower than that of ordinary buildings. Prefabricated steel structure buildings are usually not affected by weather and other factors during the construction process. Since only the building needs to be assembled, there is hardly any unexpected cost increase.

The advantages of the Steel Logistics Warehouse Building:

  1. Features: fast and flexible assembly, safe and reliable, heat and sound insulation, waterproof and fireproof;
  2. Economical and efficient: installation is quick and easy, which greatly shortens the construction time and reduces the cost;
  3. Durability: The overall structure is easy to maintain, and the service life exceeds 50 years.
  4. Perfect design: The perfect design completely avoids leakage and water seepage. At the same time, it also complies with national fire protection standards.
  5. Carrying capacity: it can resist the influence of strong wind and earthquake and bear the load of heavy snow.

Design Parameters:

Span: three spans, each span is 25m
Live load: 0.3kn/m2
Load capacity: 0.5kg / m2
Wind speed: 0.5kn/m2
Side column distance: 7650mm

Logistics warehouse building materials:

1. The main frame (column and beam) is made of welded H-shaped steel.
2. The column is connected to the foundation through the embedded anchor bolts.
3. Beam and column, beam, and beam are connected with 10.9S high-strength bolts.
4. The purlin and wall girt adopts C-shaped steel or Z-shaped steel.
5. Bracing systems used to increase the warehouse’s stability, including roof bracing, wall bracing, flying bracing, and tie bar.
6. The walls and roof are made of color steel plates or color steel sandwich panels connected to the purlins and wall beams by self-tapping nails.
7. Doors and windows can be made of PVC, metal, aluminum alloy, sandwich panels, and other materials in any position of ordinary, sliding, or roll shape.

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