Project Description

Metal Warehouse Building
  • Metal Warehouse Building design and calculated by structural engineer through software  according the detail size including Length , Wide and Height plus wind speed(km/h or m/s ) , snow loading in project local , Metal Warehouse Building formed by steel frame structure including Steel Column , Roof Beam , connected with bracing system , tie beam ,roof purlin and wall girt .
  • Metal Warehouse Building Building used for a wide range of project needs – from commercial (Car Shed ,Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (metal barns, storage sheds) to industrial (Workshop, equipment storage).All the steel structure fabricate in workshop and delivery project for assembling .
  • Metal Warehouse Building cost less than normal concrete building because the steel structure are manufactured and then shipped to the construction site . By engineering these buildings in a factory, there are no costly delays due to weather and back-ordered materials.  The metal framing materials  are made with extremely strict specifications to be stronger and lighter . Once selected and ordered, the building requires no further construction. Additional benefits include a choice of sizes and protection against weather changes.

The advantage of Metal Warehouse Building
1) Large span and Great strength : Metal Warehouse Building could in single span or multiple spans, the max span could reach more than 50m without middle column , steel structure great strength as steel with the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, good toughness and welding ability,which can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loading
2) Fast construction and save manpower : All the Steel Structure of Metal Warehouse Building fabricated in factory , after cutting , welding , drilling , sandblast and painted then delivery to installation , Fast and easy installation save the construction time better than the normal concrete building .
3) Long using life : Metal Warehouse Building is easy in maintenance the steel structure can be used for more than 50 years and steel structure could recycling and can be applied repeatedly .

Technical Parameters of Metal Warehouse Building
1. Main Structure: Q345B Welded H Section Beam;
2. Purlin: C Section Channel or Z Section Channel;
3. Roof Cladding: 0.5mm Color Coated Galvanized Sheet
4. Wall Cladding: 0.5mm Corrugated Steel Sheet;
5. Tie Rod: Circular Steel Tube;
6. Brace: Round Bar;
7. Column Cross Bracing and Roof Bracing: Angle Steel or Steel Rod;
8. Fly Brace: Angle Steel;
9. Wrapping Cover: Color Steel Sheet;
10.Roof Gutter: Color Steel Sheet;
11.Rainspout: PVC Pipe;
12.Door: Aluminum Roller up door ,Sliding Sandwich Panel Door ;
13.Windows: PVC/Aluminum Alloy Window;
14.Connecting: High Strength Bolts 10.9S

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