Project Description

Prefab Steel Warehouse
Prefab Steel Warehouse
Prefab Steel Warehouse

Prefab Steel Warehouse interior support and exterior cladding fabricated by metal structure , steel structure are very durable which strong enough to bear the heavy wind , snow and earthquakes ,exterior cladding used aluminized zinc metal sheet to prevent rust and increase the using life , and the cladding are overlap when they fit together , This doesn’t leave any openings and good performance for water-proof , Warehouse building with glass wool insulated
This helps keep the warehouse warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you on energy costs .

The advantages of Prefab Steel Warehouse :

  • Wide using range : using for a wide range of project needs – from commercial (Car Shed ,Exhibition Hall ) to agricultural (metal barns, storage sheds) to industrial (Workshop, equipment storage).
  • Fast Construction : All the steel structure components are prefabricated , finished fabricated and painted in factory then delivery to site for construction , save construction time .
  • Lower labor cost : All the prefabricated steel structure just need bolt connected on site for Primary and secondary structure ,without secondary welding on site , save manpower and reduce the labor cost .
  • Appearance good and practical: Steel Warehouse Building has a variety of colors to choose , the wall also can use other materials, and therefore has more flexibility.
  • Wind resistance : Steel Structure with good rigidity and strength performance , deformation ability,  which could resistant to 70 meters per second hurricane.

Prefab Steel Warehouse  Materials as following :

  1. Primary Framing including Steel Column ,Roof Beam ,Wind Column and Crane Beam , which fabricated by welded H section steel , steel plate materials used Q345B .
  2. Steel Column connected with foundation through pre-embedding anchor bolt .
  3. Steel Column and beam connected by 10.9s high strength bolt .
  4. Secondary Framing used for enlarge the stability of the building which included roof horizontal bracing , column x cross bracing , flange bracing and tie beam .
  5. Roof purlin and wall girt used galvanized C or Z steel , thickness between 1.5mm to 2.5mm .
  6. Wall and roof with several option including corrugated single color sheet or sandwich panel , which connected on purlin by self-tapping nail .

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