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Roof Bracing-Havit Steel
Roof Bracing-Havit Steel
Bracing Structure-Havit Steel

Roof Bracing is the secondary structure of the steel building which include upper lateral horizontal bracing , down lateral horizontal bracing and  longitudinal horizontal bracing, Steel Materials used Q235B .

  1. Upper Lateral horizontal  bracing  : Arranged between the first column space or the second column space at both ends of the building ,the distance of roof bracing less than 60m .
  2. Down Lateral horizontal bracing : Arranged when span more than 18m or span less than 18m but with over head crane , upper and down lateral horizontal bracing should in same column space to formed a stable space system .
  3. Longitudinal horizontal bracing :Arranged  for the high and large span building ,when frame distance less than 12m usually arrange on upper in-plane , when frame distance equal or bigger than 12m usually arrange on down in-plane .

The role of Roof Horizontal Bracing :

  1. Ensure the overall stability of the building .
  2. Avoid the lateral instability of the pressure rod and prevent the rod from generating excessive vibration.
  3. Bear and transmit horizontal loads.
  4. Ensure the stability and convenience of the installation

Roof Bracing-Havit Steel