Project Description

Metal Column-Havit Steel Structure
Steel Column-Havit Steel Structure

Steel Column fabricated by China standard steel , Q345B , there is two type of Column , H section column and Latticed Column .

  1. Steel Column fabricated by steel plate , steel column used as the column for warehouse ,workshop ,bridge ,high rise building ects , steel column divided by H section column and Latticed Column .
  2. Column connected with roof beam or floor beam by high strength bolts ,connected with foundation by pre-embedded anchor bolts .
  3. Steel Structure Column most common type is H section column , web plate and flange plate welded by auto-welding machine , the section size according engineer design ,web plate minimum thickness 6mm , flange plate minimum thickness 8mm .
  4. Latticed Column used for heavy steel workshop , the crane lifting capacity more than 40ton .

H section steel column fabrication process :

  1. Cutting : Web Plate and Flange Plate used  fire cutting  or plasma cutting , CNC control the dimension and shape .
  2. Assembling :H section column assembling mean spoted welding before submerged-arc welding ,assembling machine fixed the web plate and flange plate
  3. Submerged-arc welding : Web plate and flange plate of H section steel welded by the submerged-arc welding machine .
  4. Straightening : straightening machine or fire straightening to correct the distorted of H section column after welding .
  5. Manual welding : the connection plate , stiffening plate and base plate welded by human .

Steel Column-Havit Steel