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Steel Shed
Steel Shed

Steel shed building has a wide range of uses. It can meet a wide range of project needs-from commercial (car sheds, exhibition halls) to agriculture (steel sheds, warehouse sheds) to industrial (small factories, industrial warehouses). Steel structure shed building can be designed for single-layer or with the mezzanine structure.

The steel structure shed is designed with a light steel structure, and the surface of the steel components can be hot-dip galvanized or painted. Profiled color steel plates are usually used for roofs and walls. The steel structure has the advantages of lightweight and high strength. And all the steel structural parts are prefabricated, and no secondary processing is required on the site. All parts are connected by bolts or welding.
And the steel shed building can be assembled and installed by almost anyone, thus reducing labor costs and workforce and saving construction time in the installation process. If you want to build a utility room on the farm for stacking tools and equipment, then a steel shed building will be your ultimate choice.

The advantages of steel shed building:

1. Compared with the currently commonly used concrete, the steel structure shed can be used for dry construction, saving water, hoisting in place on-site, saving labor, less construction area, less noise, and less dust. Especially in downtown or dense residential areas has great advantages.
2. As the self-weight is reduced, the amount of soil taken for foundation construction is small, and the damage to the precious resource of land is small.
3. The prefabricated steel building components can be manufactured in the factory, mass production, reduced labor, rapid construction, shortened construction period, easy quality assurance, and higher prefabrication accuracy.
4. Beautiful and generous. The supporting materials used, such as colored steel plates, aluminum alloys, glass curtain walls, and other products of the era with changing colors, can be matched to create beautiful and generous buildings.
5. High degree of industrialization and fast construction is conducive to the realization of industrialized production; non-combustible, non-combustible, and good fire resistance.
6. The steel shed building occupies a small area, increasing the use area and increasing the building’s use-value and economic benefits.

The components as follows :

  • Main Structure: Steel Column, Roof Steel Beam, the Materials Q345B Welding H Beam, Yield Strength:345Mpa
  • Secondary Structure: Roof Bracing, Column Bracing, Roof Purlin, Wall Purlin, Tie Bar ects, Materials: Q235B Steel, Yield Strength: 235Mpa
  • Wall and Roof: Single Color Sheet, Sandwich panel for customers choose.
  • Window: Aluminum Sliding Window, UPVC Window.
  • Door :Aluminum Roller Up door, Sandwich Panel Sliding Door.

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