Project Description

Steel Structure Beam
Roof Beam
Steel Beam

Steel Structure Beam fabricated by China standard steel , Q235B or Q345B . Steel Beam in H section , web plate and flange plate welded by submerged arc welding machine.

  1. Steel Structure Beam mainly used as roof beam for warehouse , workshop building , floor beam for high rise building , platform ,crane beam for factory steel building .
  2. Beam mainly bear lateral load of the steel building , belong to flexural member , the flexural member including H section steel beam and Truss Structure .
  3. Steel Structure Beam could divided Hot roller beam or welded beam according the materials and fabrication method , the hot roller beam easily fabrication , mainly used small section beam , welded beam used for big load building which welded in workshop .

The calculation of cross section and thickness of steel beam must meet the requirement of strength ,overall stability and stiffness which could guarantee the safety of the beam in use, and also ensures that no excessive deformation will occur for normal use .

  1. Strength : The strength of steel beams includes the ability to resist bending, shearing, and vertical local compression .
  2. Shear Resistance : The shear force is completely absorbed by the cross section of the web, web plate used enough thickness to guarantee meet the design requirements .
  3. Overall stability :When the length of the beam is larger and the width of the  flange is smaller, the beam easily loses the overall stability. Therefore, in addition to the calculation of the bending strength, the overall stability of the beam must be checked.
  4. Stiffness :The deflection of the beam is inversely proportional to the bending stiffness of the beam section. The greater the stiffness, the smaller the deflection , bigger cross section could improved stiffness of beam .

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