Project Description

Steel structure Hangar building
Steel structure hangar building

The steel structure hangar building adopts the portal steel frame design. The main steel frame connects the building structure and the bracing, purlin, the enclosure structure and doors, and windows to form a closed building structure. The roof and walls use the corrugated single color sheet. Aircraft hangar must be designed with a clear span to meet the parking, repair, and maintenance of large, medium, and small aircraft. Generally, the hangar span is relatively large, the largest possible reaching 60 meters. Ordinary concrete and wooden structures cannot meet such design requirements, so the hangar building can only be designed and constructed by a steel structure.

Features of steel structure hangar building:

  1. Large-span: Large-span design, the maximum span can reach more than 60m without the internal column. The steel structure has the advantages of high strength, good plasticity, toughness, and welding ability. It can withstand the influence of strong winds and earthquakes.
  2. The construction is simple and fast: all the steel structure of the aircraft hangar is made in the factory and is delivered and installed after cutting, welding, drilling, sandblasting, and painting. The quick and easy installation of the steel structure building saves construction than traditional concrete buildings.
  3. Long service life: the hangar building is easy to maintain; the steel structure can be used for more than 50 years, the steel structure can be recycled and reused.

Technical specification of Hangar Building:

  • The mainframe (columns and beams) is made of welded H-style steel.
  • Steel columns are connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt.
  • Beams and columns, beams, and beams are connected with 10.9S high-intensity bolts.
  • Envelope construction net is made of cold form Galvanized C-style purlins.
  • The bracing system used to enlarge the stability of the hangar building which including roof bracing, wall bracing, fly bracing, and tie beam
  • Wall and roof are made of color steel sheets connected with the purlin by Self-tapping nails.
  • Large sliding door supported by a steel frame to enlarge the strength.

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