Project Description

Steel Workshop-Havit Steel
Steel Workshop-Havit Steel

Steel Workshop used as industrial factory and production building ,workshop building made of prefabricated steel structure ,primary structure and secondary structure finished fabricated and painted in factory then delivery project for installation , the wall and roof panel could used corrugated single color sheet or sandwich panel depend the using of workshop andĀ local climate .

The information required for calculated quotation of Steel workshop as follow :

  1. Dimension : dimension is most important information for the workshop building ,included length ,wide and height , the economical span we suggest less than 36m , the distance of side column between 7.5-8m ,the eave height we suggest less than 12m ,because the interior length of 40ft container is 11.6m .
  2. Design Load : The load included Dead load ,live load , wind load and snow load , we need calculated the load in order guarantee the safety of the building .
  3. Wall and Roof Panel : The different wall and roof materials have big effected the whole price ,wall and roof could used 0.5/0.6mm corrugated single color sheet or sandwich panel .
  4. Crane lifting capacity: if the workshop design with crane , we need know the lifting capacity of crane in order for us calculated the column and crane beam .
  5. Window and Door : if need we provided window and door together , please kindly send us theĀ  dimension and quantity .

Technical Parameters of Steel Workshop Materials :

  • Primary Framing : Q345B Welded H Section Beam ;
  • Secondary Framing : Q235B Steel Materials included Bracing , Purlin , Wall Girt , Tie Beam ects ;
  • Roof Panel : 0.5/0.6mm Corrugated single color sheet ;
  • Wall Panel : 0.5/0.6mm Corrugated single color sheet , bottom used concrete brick wall .
  • Insulation Materials : 50mm-150mm glass wool insulation .
  • Window : Aluminum sliding window or fixed window
  • Door : Aluminum roller up door or sandwich panel sliding door
  • Down Pipe : PVC Pipe
  • Connecting: High Strength Bolts 10.9S

Steel Workshop-Havit Steel