The prefabricated steel structure workshop characteristics are that the construction time is short and has the advantages of good seismic performance and strong bearing capacity. Therefore, steel structures are widely used in the construction of steel workshop building. However, steel structures also have poor fire resistance and susceptibility to corrosion due to external environmental influences. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the advantages and disadvantages of steel structure when designing and give full play to the advantages and value of steel structure.

prefabricated steel structure workshop

Type of Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop:

Prefab steel structure workshop mainly includes heavy steel workshops and light steel workshop. The heavy steel workshop includes steelmaking and steel rolling workshops. It required large-tonnage cranes. The steel structure workshop often has to withstand greater forces. The light steel workshop generally adopts a portal steel frame structure, which has the advantages of fast construction, lightweight, and low cost, and is widely used to construct the industrial workshops.

Characteristics of the prefabricated steel structure workshop:

  1. The steel structure workshop’s weight is light, and the steel structure’s weight is only 1/5 of that of the brick-concrete structure. The steel structure workshop has a large span and large space. Under reasonable structural planning, the distance between longitudinal columnar steel structures can reach 30m.
  2. The steel structure workshop has good seismic and impact resistance. The steel structure workshop has good overall rigidity and strong deformability. The steel structure has been recognized as the most suitable structure for seismic fortification areas, especially strong earthquake areas.
  3. The prefabricated steel structure workshop has high fire resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high sealing performance. For example, a steel structure workshop building can be used in cold storage, chemical plants, etc.
  4. The steel structure workshop building is convenient for demolition, 100% recyclable, and relatively little damage to the environment. It is a green building.
  5. The steel structure workshop building has a high degree of industrialization and can be quickly installed in a standard assembly line. All steel structure components are manufactured in the factory, and the simple assembly can greatly shorten the construction period on site. An industrial steel workshop building of 5000 square meters can be basically installed in just 40 days.
  6.  The steel structure occupies a small area, and the use area is large. The cross-sectional area of ​​the steel structure column is reduced by about 1/2 compared with the concrete structure column’s cross-sectional area, which effectively increases its use area.
  7. The steel structure workshop is easy to transform during use, such as internal division such as reinforcement, height connection, partition, etc. The adjustment is relatively easy, flexible, and convenient.

prefabricated steel structure workshop

The issues and solutions in the design of Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop:

Roof design

Steel roof structure must pay special attention to the waterproof design, combining roof slope, gutter type, single-slope roof length, and appropriate adjustments and treatments according to local rainfall conditions.

Load design

Loads play an important role in the safety of steel structure workshop, including wind load, snow load, dead load, and live load. Fully consider the actual use of steel workshop, environment, climate, and other influencing factors to improve the steel structure workshop’s reliability.

Bracing system design

1) Bracing system settings.
It is possible to design several roof horizontal supports along the length and design the same number of inter-column supports.

2) The design of the Flange Bracing. It is difficult to ensure the steel structure workshop building’s overall stability and longitudinal rigidity by relying solely on the roof and column bracing. The fly bracing and purlins must be designed to reduce the roof beams’ length and make the set distance of the structural support points relatively small.

Joint Connection

The design of the joint connection method is related to the safety of the steel structure workshop. It can be combined with the characteristics of the force transmission of the steel structure, considering factors such as construction site, site environment, hoisting sequence, etc., to select different joint connection methods such as rigid connection and hinge conneSimultaneouslyame time, pay attention to the different characteristics of steel structure welded joints and bolted joints: welded joints do not need additional connecting plates, and do not need to open holes, convenient operation, and good sealing properties.

The bolt connection is easy to install and disassemble, but it must be aligned with the bolt holes to be assembled. Generally speaking, high-strength bolts connect the beam-column nodes, and ordinary bolts connect the purlins and beam-column connections.

Anti-rust treatment

Due to the characteristics of the steel structure materials, attention must be paid to the prefabricated steel structure workshop’s anti-rust treatment design. It is necessary to clarify and grasp the location, layout, materials, and workshop technology of the steel structure workshop and apply anti-rust paint on the steel structure’s surface in advance. Considering the use environment of steel structural components, reasonably determine the quantity and thickness of anti-rust paint coating.
Generally speaking, steel structures need to be sprayed with three layers of paint, including primer, middle paint, and top paint.


To sum up, different from civil buildings, industrial workshops require us to make the reasonable design of prefabricated steel structure workshop due to their own functional characteristics, to facilitate reasonable equipment layout inside steel structure workshops to meet the production needs of the factory, and also design Develop economic, scientific, low-carbon and environmentally friendly steel structure workshops to promote the application and development of steel structure workshop building.