Waterproof steel structure roof is a difficult problem in factory building. Color steel roof of steel structure is seriously leaking due to installation and construction, roof elastic deformation and roof vibration. Steel structure roofing waterproof project management as a system engineering, in the system design, material, construction, management, maintenance and other problems in any link, will affect the quality of the whole project, the project causing leakage, even indoor equipment damage phenomenon.

Steel Structure Roof
1.Common use Steel Structure roof Waterproofing materials and characteristics .
(1)In a few projects, butyl rubber sealing adhesive tape is adopted, which has a general effect. It is easy to lose the bonding property at low temperature, and the construction performance in special parts is not good, and water leakage is easy to occur.

(2)Part of the project adopts polyurethane waterproof coating or sealing strip (commonly known as cement) or styrene-butadiene rubber sealing adhesive tape for node waterproof. The material is with short service life and easy to aging. Life cycle is about 1 year, easy to aging and leaking.

(3)Some projects using silica gel. After the material solidifies, the bonding strength is low, following property poor, easy to aging, the artificial hidden trouble during construction process is much, waterproof quality is not reliable, easy to leak.

(4) Other steel structure roofing waterproof material are using SBS coil, JS waterproof coating, PVC roofing waterproof thermal insulation system, etc., these materials can’t long applied in the metal roofing waterproof due to easy aging and high repair rate.

2. Common problems and countermeasures in waterproof construction of steel structure roof .
(1)Roof panel installation
Roof boarding at installation time, sometimes transmission tapping screw connection of roof plate installed will not leak. Some companies are in order to reduce cost and working hours, often to eliminate the small square tablet. If the roof plate wave at first add small square tablet for self tapping screw, when necessary add siliceous cements glue for sure.

(2)Dark gusset plate sometimes leakage is more serious, it is often difficult to check out after installed, including roof and eaves, roof plate longitudinal lap place, Roof lap joint of various roofs, Roof panel and light tile lap place, the ventilator (device) place, The air building and the gutter and many other areas also has leaking phenomenon.

(3)At rigging, some construction unit often leave out plug, or the plug did not stick well during construction, and the roof rigging plate has no pruning to make it from wind and rain, and so has no effect in the coastal zone! In addition, it could make roof dark gusset plate in the roof rigging turn up the trough use clamp, while the dark gusset plate trough to become warped down in the gutter, can also play a waterproof function.

(4)Generally in the southeast coastal zone, in the roof dark gusset plate rigging or eaves, Roof deck longitudinal lap troughs are all with self threading pin as wind nails. If do not pay attention during the construction, it tends to leak. Roof and eaves wind nail generally will not leak, but the roof plate longitudinal lap place, the wind nail and joint place, the water to take back into water leakage phenomenon is more common.