I have to admit that China is now one of the most developed countries in the world. China’s high-speed rail and highways have developed rapidly, and they have ranked among the top in the world. With the development of the economy and cities, constructing the steel structure airport building in China is also very rapid. Now, China has the largest number of airports in the world. It can be said that the construction of airports has changed our country to a great extent. This is also an indisputable fact. However, our country’s construction of the airport is continuing. China is now building the world’s largest airport, and it is an airport built on the sea-Dalian Jinzhou International Airport. China is an infrastructural madman and is widely recognized globally because of its strong construction level and strength. With the continuous improvement of my country’s comprehensive national strength, the number of overseas projects undertaken is also increasing. Airport projects in many countries are also from China. Have you found that the current airports are basically steel structures?

steel structure airport building

Why is steel structure airport building so popular?

Because the steel structure has the advantages of low dead weight, factory-like production, fast installation and construction, excellent seismic and impact resistance, less pollution to the environment, and recyclability, in countries around the world, especially some developed countries and regions, the steel structure has been widely used in construction engineering. China’s steel structure is low in price, high in quality, reasonable in design structure, and rich in construction experience. Therefore, China’s steel structure has been widely recognized by all countries in the world. These advantages of steel structure are fully embodied in the construction of airport building projects.

Advantages of steel structure:

1.The steel structure is light in weight, can be manufactured in factories, installed and constructed quickly, has less pollution to the environment, and can be recycled again. The airport project is large. The use of steel structure can greatly reduce environmental pollution, and the short construction period can be put into use as soon as possible to increase economic benefits.

2. The steel structure has a strong plasticity and has more design space. The airport project is complex, and the steel structure’s characteristics allow the building to become light and transparent, realizing large-span spatial modeling and local complex modeling creativity.

3. Excellent seismic performance of steel structure. The steel structure has strong flexibility and good seismic performance. It can absorb and consume a large amount of seismic force through a certain allowable deformation, reducing the building’s damage by the seismic force. The steel structure’s reasonable design can reduce the airport’s loss in the earthquake and benefit the reconstruction after the earthquake.

4. Steel grid is not afraid of typhoons. The roof of the steel structure airport building can be designed with a steel grid. The steel grid has excellent wind resistance. The roof is made of galvanized steel, which has greater rigidity and less deformation. So the overall structure is safer and safer and can resist once in a century.

The conclusion

Of course, there are many other advantages of why steel structures are used in airport construction. In the past 10 years, China’s steel structure has developed rapidly and has accumulated a lot of experience. With the increasing number of overseas projects in China, the most reasonable design can be made according to the local environment, customs, conditions, etc., which has been widely praised. Qingdao Havit Steel Structure Co.ltd has been committed to designing, producing, processing, and exporting various steel structure projects for more than ten years, with professional design, reliable quality, and favorable prices. Our company takes safety and durability as the primary premise for reasonable and professional design and does not bid for low-quality projects and low prices. The company’s steel structure building price projects have been exported to more than a dozen countries worldwide, and hundreds of projects have been satisfied and praised by customers. If you have any needs, please consult.