Although it is simple to build a steel structure building, it is not easy to build a steel structure building of your choice and cost-effective. If you are only looking for cheap, the trouble of repairs caused to you in the later period may annoy you. Blindly pursuing high quality may exceed your budget. How can we reduce the steel structure building price without affecting the quality? This article provides you with some suggestions based on our experience for your reference.

steel structure buildings price

Factors affecting the steel structure building price:

1. Reasonable steel consumption reduce steel structure building price

Steel structure buildings are mainly composed of steel beams and steel columns, and the amount of steel directly affects the cost of the entire building. This requires professional design. You can find a professional design company yourself, but a professional design company’s cost will be very high. You can also find a professional steel structure company’s designer for design. The cost will be much lower than the design company. The designer is required to minimize the amount of steel used within a reasonable range to ensure safety.

2. The price of steel

Of course, the instability of the price of steel is also one of the main factors affecting the construction cost, so the validity period of the quotation of steel structure companies generally does not exceed ten days. We used to have a customer who paid an advance payment two years ago to build a steel structure factory building. Still, because the construction permit has not been down, the construction has been delayed for more than a year. The price of steel has increased by more than 1,000 yuan per ton. . If you purchase from China, try to place orders when steel prices are relatively stable, and avoid placing orders at high steel prices.

3. Building size affected steel structure building price

This is the essential effect. A large area requires a certain amount of steel. The cost of a large steel structure factory building is relatively high, but the bigger the building size, the less it will cost per square meter. The width determines its area, and of course, it is closely related to the factory building structure. According to your needs, design the building area reasonably.

4. Steel frame span

Generally speaking, if the steel structure span of the steel structure factory building of the same area is larger, the cost will be lower. Of course, the span is arranged according to its own needs, and the design is different, and the span is also different. Of course, the requirements for column spacing are also very different.

5. The height of the steel building

The height of the steel structure building is designed according to actual needs. Every 10cm increase in height will increase the steel structure building prices by 2% to 3%.

6. Gantry Crane

Whether there is crane tonnage or not, the choice of crane tonnage is also a big deal. If the tonnage is too large, it will cause a waste of equipment, and it is too small to meet the needs of construction.

7. Roof and wall panels

Enclosure structure, this is also the cost of consideration. Be sure to choose suitable doors, windows, exterior walls, roof insulation materials, etc. Choosing quality-guaranteed aluminum alloy doors and windows will reduce subsequent maintenance costs. Inferior doors and windows will be deformed in a short time and need to be replaced, resulting in higher costs. The outer wall and roof insulation materials should be selected according to the local weather. If the local weather is bad and there are more rain and snow, you need to consider the outer walls and roofs of composite panels made of rock wool or glass wool for thermal insulation. If the climate is mild all year round and there are less rain and snow, you can use a single board or cheap foam composite board.

Other factors will affect the steel structure building price, such as exchange rates, tariffs, and freight. Most importantly, you must choose an experienced and professional steel structure company to give you more reasonable suggestions and quotations. Our company has more than ten years of professional steel structure processing and export experience and can provide you with more reasonable plans and quotations. Your consultation is always welcome!