“The Eleventh-Five year Plan’is the key stage to realize the comprehensive construction well-off society, during this period steel structure market, opportunities and development space are very broad, steel structure industry can completely could make a difference.” China steel structure association Mr. Yue said.

Work Together to Create Brilliant
At present, the production and installation technology of steel construction industry has reached the international level, industry scale is the top in the world. China’s steel structure industry played a huge role in the construction in infrastructure, large public buildings, industrial buildings and facilities, large span Bridges, high-rise tower mast, ocean engineering. From year 2011 to 2014, the annual production of steel structure in China has growth from 30 million tons to 50 million tons, the average annual growth rate is more than 10%, these achievements include the joint efforts of the workers in the steel structure industry.
Chinese steel structure industry involves steel pipe, steel wire rope, cold bending steel, housing construction, tower mast, bridge, container, steel bar welded mesh, offshore platform, welding materials, and other fields. Steel structure processing production is about 45 million tons to 50 million tons, some large manufacturers’technical standard and the processing capacity has reached the international leading level.

The Way is under Our feet
China’s steel industry has made remarkable achievements, embodied in four aspects: one is to keep the 15 years high speed development; the second is the steel structure engineering system basic formed; the third is the social from all walks of life more and more accepted steel structure and successfully implemented a large number of difficult and complex steel structure engineering; thefourth is the manufacture of steel structure, installation technology reached the international level.

The building will be a trend of industrialization
Along with the rising cost of labor, the building will be a trend of industrialization.
According to statistics, the number of people killed in the earthquake in China is the top in the world . The earthquake experts have said the earthquake itself does not kill people, the destruction of the house is one of the main reasons of causing casualties.
Some Chinese architecture have to be dismantled because of the existence of some hidden quality problems.
The core value of the building is to protect people life, construction safety is as important as food safety, drug safety. There will be three shifts in the next 30 years in the Chinese construction: one is the big new pointed to the general public buildings; The second is the one-sided pursuit of good design, fast construction and low cost to pursue strong, practical and green; The third is from the extensive mode of production to the lean production mode transformation.
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