It is an issue for many people. The steel structure buildings have widely used in the construction industry. The waterproof of steel structure roofing cannot be careless; details are essential, then let’s learn the details.

Precautions for the waterproof of steel structure roofing :

1. The construction of a project must be carried out on sunny days, because the adhesive curing agent and waterproof coating, etc. need specific drying time to achieve a stable effect.
2. For the construction site, it must keep the assembly clean, especially the metal roof joints that need to be compacted tightly, then access to the next process.
3. If there’s any requirement of the metal roof insulation, it must wait for the waterproof layer curing and drying before the construction.

waterproof of steel structure roofing

How to do the waterproof of steel structure roof

1. Longitudinal lap joint: (exist in the roof lap joint caused by the insufficient unit length of the sheet)
Treatment method: Use a 25cm extensive waterproof system to cover the board seams. The original waterproof layer of the old roof needs to remove.
2. Roof screws and fasteners: Treatment method: Cover with a 10cm×10cm extensive waterproof layer.
3. Pay special attention to the roots of the fan base, exhaust vents, ventilation windows and other equipment on the roof
4. Water leakage on both sides of the roof ridge cover plate usually caused by the insufficient height of the roof plate, the cover plate is not in place, and the cover plate not fixed correctly.
5. The high and low collapse and the root of the parapet wall are due to improper installation of the flooding board, or there are horizontal joints in this area.
6. The joints between roof lighting windows and metal roof panels.

Identify areas to be waterproof:

Metal roofing generally has the following areas need to do waterproof processing: horizontal lap, vertical lap, fan, extended roof pipe, air conditioning pipe, plate, roof ridge, roof gutter, metal plate, and parapet junction, screw, and other metal roofing waterproof weak links.


Before construction, the metal roof shall carefully inspect to ensure that the metal roof is firm, clean, corrosion-free, and ice-free if it does not meet the above conditions.
waterproof of Steel Structure Roofing

The treatment carried out for steel structure roof:

A. Replace the rusted firmware and add firmware in place.
B. Polish the rusting area with derusting abrasive paper until it is metallic and then apply a layer of base coat.
C. Remove ice, dust, and other dirt.
In a word, to achieve an excellent quality effect based on customer demand, combined with reasonable construction procedures, step-by-step advance work, grasp the details for each construction order to avoid common mistakes.