China is actively promoting industrialization and modernization construction to develop the industrialization road. New building industrialization can realize building energy conservation, environmental protection and the sustainable development of the whole life cycle value. Steel structure works are  typical green building, the material could be recycle, has good seismic performance and sustainable development. Recycle concept displayed in steel structure building design, construction and demolition, which is all green. Therefore, the steel structure is more suitable for the current industrial production and assembly building development and demand, and more in line with the great development direction of our country.
China Steel Structure rapidly develop
In terms of the present stage, the better economic development region including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing the big cities, the steel structure assembly construction accounted for about 20%.2012-2016 steel structure kept strong growth in our country, China’s ―13th Five-Year Plan formulated the goal is the steel structure usage to double by 2020, reach to 80 million tons to 100 million tons.
The strong recommendation of national policy on steel structure rapidly increases the proportion of steel structure in construction. “One Belt And One Road” drives the export of infrastructure construction, and overseas orders of steel structure construction rise sharply. The area of commercial buildings , transportation hubs and venues continues to grow steadily, driving the development of the steel structure industry.
China’s steel structure works has developed rapidly in recent years, not only driven by the market, but also due to China issued a number of policies to support the development of the steel structure industry and vigorously promote the development of steel structure architecture. Such as February 4, 2016,” the state council on the steel industry to resolve the excess capacity and achieve difficulties in development “requires to promote the application of steel structure building, combine shantytowns transformation, dangerous houses transformation and earthquake-resistant housing projects to implement steel structure building pilot application and substantially increase in steel structure application proportion.

Measures provinces in our country, to speed up the application of steel structure, such as Hebei province requires large-span industrial factory building, facilities must be comprehensively adopts steel structure, suitable for the new municipal infrastructure projects, with the proportion of steel structure works have reached more than 75%; Sichuan province asked the seismic fortification intensity of 7 or more areas of government investment project comprehensively adopts steel structure, social investment of public buildings actively promote the application of steel structure.
Along with the advancement of “One belt and one Road”, drive surrounding infrastructure construct, bring new opportunities for the steel structure industry in our country. Our country enterprise to speed up the pace of go out, promote the domestic enterprises internationalization.
“One Belt And One Road” involves the economic cooperation and development of 4.4 billion people in 65 countries. It reveals that the historical turning point of China’s new economic growth and revival has come. The key to the promotion of One Belt And One Road is infrastructure construction, involving domestic cities and countries along the routes. Its huge potential market has attracted steel structure enterprises to go abroad to explore overseas markets.
Due to the good seismic performance of steel structure building, it is easy to build a long span building, which is suitable for the construction of large buildings such as factory buildings, stadiums and high-rise buildings. At the same time, under the influence of the national and local governments on the promotion of prefabricated buildings, the future development of steel structure residential space is vast.
Sales of waterborne coatings for steel structure works increased by more than double digits
The rapid development of steel structure works have also led to the prosperity of steel structure works coating market. At present, the steel structure coatings used in our country mainly include oil and water – based coatings. From 2012 to 2016, the sales volume of building steel structure coatings in China increased by 9.2%, and the sales growth is expected to exceed two figures in 2017-2021.
Under the high requirement of national environmental protection, waterborne paint has been used in the construction of large landmark buildings in China in recent years, which has led to the trend of building design institute using waterborne paint. At present, the proportion of oil-based coating in steel structure in China is still much higher than that of water based coatings, but the market share of water based steel structure coatings is gradually increasing. Steel structure coating since year of 2012, the sales and sales volume have maintained double-digit growth, after year of 2017 sales and sales growth is expected to be higher than year of 2016, the water-based fire protection coatings will become the “leading role” of the market.

Waterborne steel structure works coating primer mainly includes: water-borne epoxy zinc-rich, water-borne alkyd, water-borne acrylic acid, water-borne inorganic zinc-rich primer, and water-borne acrylic acid and water-borne alkyd paint. Waterborne building steel structure anti-corrosive paint is mainly waterborne primer, which accounts for about 90-95% of the sales volume of water-borne steel structure anti-corrosive paint.
National standards convoy for steel structure coating development
In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of steel structure works market, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of finance and the ministry of environmental protection have formulated relevant policies to promote the transformation and upgrading of steel structure coatings. The” water-based anti-corrosive coating for steel structures” released on April 28, 2017, it is required that the primer, intermediate paint VOC should be less than 200g/L, and surface paint VOC should be less than 250g/L. In the 13th five-year plan, VOC is also included in the total emission reduction, and it is implemented in seven key industries of car, ship, container, furniture, engineering machinery, steel structure works and coil material production.
“Industrial building water-based anti-corrosion coatings for steel structure works construction and acceptance standard” (set) in this standard applies to waterborne anti-corrosion coatings in the application of prefabricated industrial construction steel structure, the industrial construction steel structure with research, development, production and application of waterborne anti-corrosion coatings will play a role in promoting. To solve the prefabricated industrial architecture in the process of waterborne anti-corrosion coatings coating for steel structure, the lack of standard problem, and improve the prefabricated industrial building water-based anti-corrosion coatings for steel structure coating technology and management level, standard prefabricated industrial building water-based anti-corrosion coatings coating for steel structure construction.

Both focus on the water-based coating of green environmental protection, and emissions concentrated recycling, reduce VOC emissions of the prefabricated industrial building water-based anti-corrosion coatings. From the perspective of environmental protection green to set up this standard, can be in the application of steel structure anti-corrosion coating of new products, industrial prefabricated building standardized coating construction technology, construction of new technologies to promote the development of waterborne anti-corrosion coatings.